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UCAP Group

UCAP Group

CUB is the Banking arm of the UCAP Group, which itself comprises a Securities Division, a Wealth Management Division and an Asset Management Division spread across Europe, North America and Asia under the common shareholder control of Lonnie Howell and Clement Ducasse. As was the case for EFG at its origin, UCAP Group provides a platform for industry veterans who have grown tired of large financial firms and wish to run their own operations outside of head office diktat.

UCAP Alliance

The UCAP ecosystem further extends to the UCAP Alliance, a network of firms which are not controlled by Messrs. Howell and Ducasse as majority shareholders and/or operate outside of the main business divisions of the UCAP Group. Alliance participants can leverage a network effect that is mutually beneficial to all of its members and allows UCAP Group to expand the range of professional services available to clients.

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