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Who we are

Capital Union Bank Ltd (“CUB”) is an independent financial institution, incorporated and headquartered in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. CUB was founded in 2013 by a group of renowned financiers and entrepreneurs who have dedicated their careers to providing first-class, innovative solutions to the capital markets and wealth management industry.

What Makes Us Unique

We provide a unique combination of expertise and market access within the controlled framework of a regulated bank and with an entrepreneurial mindset to doing business. Our partners and relationship managers understand the value of a highly tailored client experience in a world where corporate control has made global banks inflexible and bureaucratic. We remove unnecessary layers of processes to provide solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients in the most efficient and relevant way.

Our vision

We aspire to leverage our strong positioning to become a globally relevant gateway, bridge, coordinator, enabler and central interface between financial industry participants and financial markets. We connect the old and the new financial worlds. We actively partake in the positive disruption of financial services and play a relevant role in the new ecosystem that will emerge out of blockchain based technologies.