CUB Celebrates Bahamian Culture As Sponsor of Junkanoo Book

“Junkanoo is the most significant expression of us as Bahamians and a collective society. The rich tradition is more than a celebration; it is a rich competition of talent and art. The rhythm and sound of Junkanoo tells a story of who we are and our connection to our past.

Arguably, Junkanoo is the most celebrated cultural tradition in our country. At midnight the sounds of the goatskin drum, the shaking of the cowbells, the electric dancing, and the blowing of the whistle all together create a movement of excitement across Bay Street.

Our people, country, and region remain a depository of Africa’s legends. The story of John Canoe lives on and is enshrined in our way of life.” – The Rt. Hon. Philip Edward (Brave) Davis, Prime Minister & Minister of Finance of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas (Foreword, Junkanoo – Portraits of the Soul)

Alessandro Sarno (The Lonesome Photographer) continues to pay homage to Bahamian culture through his thoughtful curation of Bahamian father and son duo’s photographs (Nicholas & Mike Klonaris) of Junkanoo. Capital Union Bank is proud to be the sponsor of this wonderful body of work celebrating the Arts and our country – Junkanoo – Portraits of the Soul

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